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My approach is rooted in nature, attachment theory, and deep mindfulness from a decolonial perspective, and centers Women of Color

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Together we will shine the light of nurturing awareness to bring forth healing within harmful systems while also creating new systems of care



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Welcome! My name is Jacky Casumbal and I am a licensed clinical social worker, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), Certified Brainspotting practitioner, and holistic care provider of Hilot and Reiki. I am licensed to provide teletherapy for clients who live in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. 


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Jacky brings warmth, curiosity, and thoughtfulness to every task she undertakes. It was a pleasure to watch her take over the Holistic Professionals Group and transform it into an even more vibrant, active community of healers.

- LG


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Jacky offers an approach that looks at the whole person in an integrative way. She is warm, compassionate, and easy to talk to. And she is not afraid to address the elephant in the room. Jacky fiercely supports clients in being heard, bringing their authentic self, and receiving support. She is able to hear and hold your most difficult struggles with complete acceptance. Jacky has a deep understanding of culture, and takes anti-racism, decolonization, and inclusion seriously. She is emphatic and goes the extra-mile in her sessions by anticipating what a client might need and by asking helpful questions. I highly recommend her as a therapist.

- ZM

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- Logan Brantley, Founder & Therapist at Logan Brantley Therapy

Jacky brings a warm & inviting aura that you can feel even through telehealth. Jacky is a curious and compassionate therapist who holds a safe, calming and genuinely empathetic space for her clients and colleagues alike. Her work with brainspotting and embodiment is truly incredible to witness. Jacky has the ability to hold a light and empowering space with her easy-going personality and quips of hilariousness, yet her attunement with others allows people to feel held, without judgement, even in their darkest most exiled parts of themselves. Jacky is truly committed to anti-oppression work and holds a client-centered approach to goal setting. I imagine that any client would feel very supported and comforted in a space held by Jacky. I cannot recommend her enough!

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