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Individual Therapy & Rates

I am an Out of Network provider with all health insurance companies. I provide what is known as a Superbill once a month to clients who wish to file for reimbursement.  Clients file for reimbursement directly with their insurance company. 


All services are virtual for residents of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia only.

Individual Psychotherapy for BIPOC and White Ally/Accomplice Adults 

The individual psychotherapy that I offer is a space just for you to explore issues that are impacting your life, and in doing so may potentially result in you gaining more clarity and connection to intuition around the steps you need to take, even if that means taking no action at all. My approach is slow, strengths-based, insight-oriented, and long-term, meaning folks who are open to deeply understanding  the nuances and complexities surrounding themselves and their relationships benefit the most. 

Rate: $200 per 60 minute session


Brainspotting for BIPOC and White Ally/Accomplice Adults 

Brainspotting is a powerful modality that allows for the authentic processing of subconscious thoughts, feelings, and memories, for the purpose of repairing experiences of trauma, in particular relationship-based childhood trauma. Due to the deep nature of the intervention, I conduct these as 90 minute sessions to allow plenty of time for checking-in, processing, and grounding.


Click here for a simple and effective explanation of Brainspotting by therapist Viergelyn Chery-Reed.

Rate: $300 per 90 minute session

Let's Work Together

To learn more about any of these services and to schedule a free 30 minute virtual consultation, please click here or complete the "Contact Me" form on the Home page.  

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