My Background

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I am a second-generation Filipina-American born, raised, and currently living in the DC metro area. My volunteer experience at a shelter for survivors of domestic violence led me to pursue a career in psychotherapy and I eventually obtained a clinical Masters in Social Work degree from The Catholic University of America. Outside of work, being in the woods and by the water, enjoying the company of animal companions, and dancing all bring me immense joy. I value authenticity, self-awareness, compassion, and collective care and try to incorporate those aspects into my life both personally and professionally.


My Approach

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My gentle approach to therapy is rooted in the understanding that our childhood experiences often impact how we show up in relationships. I lead with compassion and offer a space where people can explore and tend to their internal world. As a result clients report feeling more comfortable being authentic in relationships and experience a deeper sense of connection to themselves and the world around them.

I work with adults of all ages who are looking for support around a variety of issues. I specialize in working with clients with relationship challenges, in particular those who have survived childhood abuse and neglect, and intimate partner violence.

I incorporate an integrative approach honoring the mind-body-spirit relationship. This includes mindfulness, CBT, energy healing, inner child work, and somatic practices.

Image by Grace Brauteseth