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Salabat (Ginger tea): A 6 Week Virtual Brainspotting Gathering for Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi-American (APIDA) Women

in DC, Maryland, or Virginia

What it is:

Salabat is a place to connect with ourselves, our cultures, and the collective. A space for witnessing and naming the impact of harmful systems, while also acknowledging that we are more than our trauma. By exploring both our roots and imagining a liberated future, we can re-remember who we are and experience hope even in the midst of tragedy.

This gathering will be a space to:


1) give and receive support around intersectional identities and lived experiences of and with fellow APIDA women,

2) experiment with authentic connections to self, culture, and community, and

3) both process the impact of systemic oppression and imagine radical healing while living and working in these arduous times.

Here, the mind-body-spirit connection will be honored through culture, Brainspotting, ritual, storytelling, and play.

This is for the tender-hearted and tired. 

Those who often are the soothing tea for others' emotions.

Those who hold a lot of space for anyone from loved ones to strangers, but feel invisible. 

Those who want to build or expand their community.

Those who dream (or want to) of possibilities. 


Mondays, 5-6:30pm ET



Fee structure per week (choose one for the full 6 weeks):

$60 goes to the facilitator and co-facilitator.

$90 goes to the facilitator and co-facilitator, and paying in full, or partially, the attendance fee for a future group member who experiences cost as a barrier. 

$120 goes to the facilitator and co-facilitator, paying in full, or partially, the attendance fee for a future group member who experiences cost as a barrier, and future community events like an in-person fall 2024 outdoor retreat. 

I, and this group, may not be for everyone. To schedule a free consultation to see whether we're a good fit and if you have any questions, email Jacky at

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