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Dandelion Tea

A Brainspotting Workshop for Women of Color in DC, MD, or VA

  • Ended
  • Virtually via TBD

Service Description

Depending on who you talk to, dandelions are considered a weed and something to eliminate, but the plant is a powerhouse of ecological and medicinal benefits. For example, when humans harvest and boil dandelion root to make tea, the plant is transformed into a natural anti-inflammatory. Something similar can be said about Brainspotting. We live and work within oppressive systems and consequences of such include getting stuck in thoughts, memories, emotions, and body sensations that can negatively impact us. With Brainspotting, these experiences have the potential to be alchemized into something that we can make meaning of. We may even feel a release the deeper we are able to process those experiences and decide how to take action accordingly. This workshop is for anyone who identifies as a woman of color and lives in DC, Maryland, or Virginia, and: • is interested in learning about Brainspotting and how it may be a supplement to their healing. • is curious about experiencing Brainspotting in short guided exercises. • is open to experiencing Brainspotting in a virtual group environment. This workshop will be both informative and experiential. I will share the neuroscience behind Brainspotting, the connection with a decolonized view of attachment theory, and how Brainspotting allows space for intuition, uncertainty, and relational and internal attunement. I will lead the group in exercises informed by Theraplay and mindfulness, as well as guide attendees in very brief, one- to two-minute Brainspotting sessions. Please note that there are risks to doing Brainspotting, even in short intervals. Any type of processing like Brainspotting touches upon the “tip of the iceberg,” our subconscious mind, which we are not fully aware of. That’s why this workshop will be mostly informative, the pace will be slow, and the processing and sharing will be brief. I will provide recommendations and supportive resources at the end of the workshop. The workshop is free, but there is a suggested donation of $30 to Wildseed Society, “a radical, BIPOC-based, Black-led organization that seeks to build portals where we all go free.” I participated in their Collective Care Pod program and highly recommend it. For more questions, please email Jacky Casumbal at

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